Welcome to Eventting Plaza

Register your event attendees, get the details you need the most and stay on top of your event.

What is Eventting Plaza?

Welcome to Eventting Plaza, a tool that allows you to have all your events in one place. A platform that makes event registration simple and straightforward, allowing you to access and modify the information you need the most ensuring smooth registration process for your event.

Manage multiple events on one single platform, get the overview of your attendees and manage the event according to your needs.

eventting app

Discover a new way to live your congresses and symposiums with Eventting App. All the information and interaction in the palm of your hand.

What can you do?

Register attendees

Register your event attendees through the online form designed uniquely for your event.

Manage attendees

View attendee details and modify their statuses, limit the number of attendees, export data or attachments, so you can be on top of everything.

View statistics

Get the information regarding the payment status, what and how many internal events attendees have signed up for and what type of members have been registered. You can also view the statistics for the accommodation, what rooms have been booked and even limit number of type of rooms available for your event.

Manage various events

For those who organise various events, Eventting.plaza gives access to view all your events in one platform. No need to switch between different platforms to see the details of each event. Just click on the event you want to view, and all the information is shown to you there and then.